Review: Don’t Tell by Queen Elly


“8 5 12 16”


At first glance, these numbers do not mean anything but they play an important part in the narrative of Don’t TellDon’t Tell is a novel written by Queen Elly, pen name of Jenny Ruth Almocera. She wrote the other popular stories “The Wrong Message”, “Vince and Kath” which turned into a movie and “My Love for Dora” which can be found posted in Wattpad. Published by ABS-CBN Publishing in 2017, the novel tells the horrific experiences of Mincy and her mother. The story revolves around the demonic possession of Mincy’s mom and the ways Mincy was trying to save her without telling it outright because every time she speaks of it, her mother’s possession becomes more terrible. She wants to get rid of the entity that wants her mother but her efforts are futile.

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