#Augvocacy: Reading and promoting works written by Filipinos

It’s August. In the Philippines, it is “Buwan ng Wika” (National Language Month). I saw a retweet from a friend about Shelea’s Augvocacy 2018 and said, “why the hell not?” So here I am, sharing my take on doing my part to foster a culture of reading in the Philippines. Being a small, hopefully growing blog, influencing others to read is more difficult. I am still positive I can do it, though.

When I first thought of writing a book blog, I resolved that one of the things I will read and write about will be the local literature and writing scene. I have been largely exposed to works written by foreign writers and a few required readings on works written by Filipinos. I don’t see anything bad in reading foreign literature. As long as one enjoys reading, then it is fine; however, our own local literary works must also be promoted and enjoyed by a wider audience. That is the reason why I started my blog – to share my love for reading and also share my journey in discovering Filipino literature.

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List: Books on Philippine Myths and Monsters


I read Neil Gaiman and he is one of the authors I admire. I really like the Sandman series and got a Death Funko Pop because I really like the character. Imagine my surprise on the morning of 8th of August when my feed had this Twitter update from him:

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Review: The Duterte Manifesto (Mga Aral Mula sa Mga Banat at Talumpati ni President Rodrigo Duterte)

Translation: Lessons from diatribes and speeches of President Rodrigo Duterte

The Duterte Manifesto is a 122-page book published by ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc. on 2016 after then-Mayor-turned-Presidential-Candidate Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte won the elections. As its title suggests, the book contains statements uttered by the President during the campaign period – statements which he is famous for.

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