List: Books on Philippine Myths and Monsters


I read Neil Gaiman and he is one of the authors I admire. I really like the Sandman series and got a Death Funko Pop because I really like the character. Imagine my surprise on the morning of 8th of August when my feed had this Twitter update from him:

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Book Review: Light by Rob Cham

Quest stories follow the adventures of the protagonist as he (or she) embark on a journey to retrieve objects or do challenges in his hometown or a faraway land to accomplish an objective. The protagonists of such stories are most of the time one-dimensional. So are their antagonists. They fit the good vs evil stereotypes. Light, although an example of a quest story, has characters who are not what you expect in such kind.

Light, by Rob Cham and published by Adarna House, Inc. under Anino Comics, is a story told purely through its art. No dialogues were written on its pages – purely visual.

2015-09-25 22

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