List: Books on Philippine Myths and Monsters


I read Neil Gaiman and he is one of the authors I admire. I really like the Sandman series and got a Death Funko Pop because I really like the character. Imagine my surprise on the morning of 8th of August when my feed had this Twitter update from him:

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My 2015 Reads

How time flies. It’s 2016 already. At the beginning of 2015, I signed up for Goodreads Reading Challenge. I challenged myself to read 50 books for the whole year. Because of reasons, I only managed to read 16 books which is 32% of what I challenged myself with.

2015 goodreads reading challenge

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Review of Trese Book 1: A Murder on Balete Drive

Trese 1 front Trese 1 back
A Murder on Balete Drive is the first in a series of comics by Budjette Tan (story) and KaJo Baldisimo (art) titled “Trese”. Published by Visprint Inc. on 2008, Trese is a horror and crime comics about the adventures of Alexandra Trese, bar owner of The Diabolical and investigator of crime, together with the Kambal (her bodyguards), Hank the bartender, and the characters you will encounter only in the stories of your lolo and lola. Set in the streets of Metro Manila, Trese gives Philippine folk tales and legends urban and modern twist.

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Books I bought last year and early this year that I forgot to mention

These are the books I bought during the last part of last year until yesterday. I have reviewed  Stupid is Forever because it is just a fast read. The rest, I need to postpone since I am doing my thesis.

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