A List of 2017 Reading Challenges

New Year, new challenges, right? If you are a reader who is brave, adventurous and proactive, you might have tried joining reading challenges (or would like to, if you haven’t yet). I gathered a list of challenges for you to try on this year aside from the Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge.

Popsugar Reading Challenge 
The challenge has 40 books plus an advanced section at the end with 12 more. Download the printable here. It also has its own hashtag: ##popsugarreadingchallenge so that you can share in your social networking sites your progress.

BetterWorld Books Reading Challenge 

This has around 24 challenges to accomplish with general themes like “a book of poetry”, “a book by a female writer”, “a book translated from another language”, etc. It might be easier for others to do this because of the categories. You can download the printable here.


Mrs. Kuvin’s 2017 Reading Challenge

I saw this in Pinterest but got no idea where it originally came from.


The GWB 2017 Book Bingo

The Grand World of Books Book Bingo features 24 challenges.  If you are going to try this challenge, you might find it hard to find a book that is more than a century old or perhaps an interesting book that is 500 pages long but who knows?


Hanna Braime Reading Challenge

This challenge has two versions: one with 26 books and the other 52 books (which means one book a week).


Smiths on the Coast 2017 Reading Challenge

This reading challenge features three levels for children, young adults and adults. The three levels are walking, jogging and running. The first level has 10 books. While the next two has 20 and 50, respectively. Aside from the number of books, they differ in the categories. The walking category has a more general category than the next level.

Walking Level

Jogging Level

Running Level


I’ll add an update since this post is a bit longer than intended. Good luck on your chosen challenges. Happy reading!


Author: Patricia

Active at night and sleeping during the day, she finds comfort in reading books and drinking tea. She dreams of a better world, advocates for education and increase focus in areas like Mathematics and Sciences, and plans to build a big library open to everyone. She is intimidating if you don't know her.

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