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Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the books I have read and recent events on the book community. I am a Pinay (Filipina) book blogger whose goal is to make many people (especially Filipinos) be interested in reading books. That is a very ambitious goal, if I must say.

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Trust No One: Thorn of Night Blossoms Blog Tour

I am one of the tour hosts for the adult fantasy novella, Thorn of Night Blossoms! If you want to know about the tour, please refer to the tour launch post. Please support the tour hosts by clicking the launch post, following #CaffeineBookTours and #NightBlossomsTour in Instagram, or Booktube videos~!

Blog Tour: The Love Virus

Hi! I am really sorry that my feature for the blog tour is late. My decision to keep pushing off posting is not because of negative things about the book. If you want to find out why, please read the rest. For more posts about the blog tour: Caffeine Tours’ Launch Post

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